cessna sassy salsa
cessna sassy salsa

We’ve turned up the heat!

Introducing Cessna’s Sassy Salsa’s newest flavors:

“Extra Hot” People love our “Hot” salsa, but for this new flavor, we’ve doubled the number of Serrano Peppers to maintain the same delicious flavor but give it a double kick of heat. While some might say it’s “muy caliente,” we like to think it’s just “hot with a kick.”

“Ghostly Hot” This salsa is named for the Ghost Peppers that we’ve added to the mix with our Serrano Peppers. While the Guinness World Records folks once proclaimed Ghost Peppers to be the world’s hottest chili pepper, we haven’t gone overboard here. Give it a try. The heat is subtle, but it will definitely sneak up on you.

“Hot Reapers!” Okay…if you like your salsa seriously hot, then this is the one to make your toes curl. It features a mix of Serrano Peppers and Carolina Reapers, which are the new kings of “hottest pepper” contests and a pepper with a sizzle to remember.

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