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Our salsas are made with top quality ingredients in small batches, so it is always fresh. Each jar has a 12 month shelf life and is clearly labeled. Be sure to refrigerate after opening. The peppers used in our salsas range from mild to very hot, and heat levels may vary slightly from batch to batch based on a particular pepper crop. Use the guide below to help select your preferred level of heat.

mild sassy salsa

Mild Salsa

Where we come from, salsa is a staple, and our mild is the perfect condiment for folks who love the salsa taste but just don’t want the heat. Our Mild salsa offers a delicious blend of tomatoes, mild peppers and spices -- perfect for young children and sensitive palates and for adding flavor to just about anything.

medium sassy salsa

Medium Salsa

Our Medium salsa delights customers who typically prefer their salsa on the “mild” side. Cessna’s Medium delivers a burst of fresh flavor thanks to early picking of the “State Pepper of Texas” (the Jalapeno) and a combination of ingredients that delivers flavorful zest and just a hint of warmth.

hot sassy salsa

Hot Salsa

The bright bite of the Serrano Pepper makes a supporting debut in our Hot salsa, which tends to equate on the “heat index” with the “big brand” Mediums. Our Hot delivers a succulent sizzle that awakens your taste buds without overpowering them. Truly sassy-licious!

extra hot sassy salsa

Extra Hot Salsa

People love our “Hot” salsa, but for this new flavor, we’ve doubled the number of Serrano Peppers to maintain the same delicious flavor but give it a double kick of heat. While some might say it’s “muy caliente,” we like to think it’s just “hot with a kick."

ghostly hot sassy salsa

Ghostly Hot Salsa

This salsa is named for the Ghost Peppers that we’ve added to the mix with our Serrano Peppers. While the Guinness World Records folks once proclaimed Ghost Peppers to be the world’s hottest chili pepper, we haven’t gone overboard here. Give it a try. The heat is subtle, but it will definitely sneak up on you.

hot reapers sassy salsa

Hot Reapers Salsa

Okay…if you like your salsa seriously hot, then this is the one to make your toes curl. It features a mix of Serrano Peppers and Carolina Reapers, which are the new kings of “hottest pepper” contests and a pepper with a sizzle to remember.

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